Psycho Killer DAY TWO

Today was hilarious. I went into a bar (yes, by myself). Why? Because I felt like it. I didn't intend on this to happen.. but it did. The act of drinking alone was tranquil. A few minutes into it, a guy sits next to me. I'm seriously hoping he doesn't talk to me. Of course at that moment, he attempts to initiate a conversation.

My body language and tone of voice screamed "stay away from me". My answers were of monotone one word answers. Along with flirtatious and sexual undertones, he decides he wants to follow me out once I pay my tab and finish up my drink.

I stopped abruptly in front of the door and blink at him. "Have a good day." We're in the parking lot now.

Guy: Well don't you want to spend more time talking?

Me: Not really. I have to go to work, goodbye.

Guy: Okay.. so can I get your number?

Me: I don't have one.

Guy is persisting further. Frustration is undoubtedly present on my face. "What do you want buddy?"

"Well, I like you. I'd like to take you out, sometime."

Me: No you don't. You want sex.

Guy is clearly taken aback by such a bold statement. "How did you know?"

Me: Everyone wants a piece of this.

Guy: Wow, someone's a little egotistical. But I wouldn't blame you. You're a hot thing. What do you say? Back to my apartment?

I'm glaring right at him. He returns a perplexed expression. "Don't you think I'm cute?" He begins to walk with the hopes I'd chase him. Guy turns around, waiting for me to follow behind him like a lost puppy.

In a little girlish tone I say "Oh.... You're cute."

"Okay. So what's the problem? You're safe with me."

Me: How do you know you're safe with me? I trail off....

Telling by the apprehensive expression on his face he didn't know. He stopped in his tracks and questioned "what do you mean?"

"I can't stop what I love to do." I bowed my head and smiled at him innocently.

"What do you love to do though?" He asked.. very cautiously.

Me: "Well, let's go back to your apartment and you can find out."

Guy: "No. Tell me right here, then we can go back."

Me: I thought you wanted to have sex with me though?

Guy: I do. Do you?

Me: .... After I'm done with you... Yes I would.

Guy: After you're done with me? You know what? I have to go, sorry. Maybe you can find a guy who will be into the fucked up shit you're into.

Me: But .. I've chosen you.

Guy: I'm not trying to die tonight. Sorry. *walks away.*
He mumbles under his breath *fucking crazy bitch*.

Indeed, I thought. As he's walking away, he quickly glances back at me. I stood there staring at him with my head tilted and a smile on my face that may have looked as if a doll had possessed me.

He picked up the pace. As I stood there, my mind was blank. I thought nothing of this, felt no particular guilt or remorse. My eyes followed as he turned the corner, I returned to myself, and went back inside the bar. I downed a few shots, patted myself on the back for repulsing some creep who wanted to wanted to hook up. (Although, I salute him for trying to fulfill his needs the good old fashioned way: bar hook ups).

That and not breaking into hysterical laughter. Quite frankly, I felt like a fucking badass.


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